Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet

Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet

Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet

Those that live alone or with just one other person will love the Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet. It is considered a medium sized skillet, which makes it perfect for cooking an entire meal for one or for two. It can accommodate many different dishes from a roast, casserole, fries, and many other things. It is perfect for making a great stir-fry for up to about 4 people.

The best thing about the Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet is that it will allow you to monitor your meal much easier than if you use a conventional oven. Plus if you do have a dinner party or an occasion where you need more cooking surfaces than you currently have, an electric skillet will give you one more place you can cook a dish at.

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When you add the Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet to your kitchen you will have the versatility to cook many different things for yourself, for you and another person, or even a side dish to take to another place. This is what is so great about these skillets, they are portable and they can be plugged in to keep the food hot once you arrive at your destination.

Let’s take a look at all the features of this Electric Skillet:

  • Works great for roasts, grills, stews, bakes, and much more
  • Master heat control automatically maintains proper cooking temperature
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Nonstick surface for easy cooking and cleaning
  • Plastic EverNu cover won’t dent, warp, or peel

Getting an electric skillet is like adding one more weapon to the arsenal that is in your kitchen. It allows you to do many more things than just using your oven and microwave will allow. Plus the portability makes it great for tailgating or for taking a dish to another person’s party. This is an all-around great skillet if you are not looking for the larger ones that take up so much space.

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The Old Man “Doug” (Arizona)

“I’ve been using this pan on a daily basis for about two weeks now and I can say it has met all my demands of it. Eggs and bacon are cooked to perfection without burning either. It heats up quickly, and low temperature works for most foods. I like the fact that the heat is contained in the pan and doesn’t heat up the room like gas or electric stove top burners do. The lid is deep enough to allow you to cook a small chicken or roast. The last test I wanted to do was fry pancakes as one reviewer said it wouldn’t get hot enough to do it. Well, I was amazed at how well it did fry pancakes. Using thin batter was better than thick, but it fried either one to a golden brown.”

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