Oster SH12 12-Inch Skillet with Hinged Lid

Oster SH12 12-Inch Skillet with Hinged Lid

Oster SH12 12-Inch Skillet with Hinged Lid

If you have one of those busy kitchens that is always making something, then the Oster SH12 12-Inch Skillet with Hinged Lid is something that belongs in your kitchen. This is the perfect skillet for the family or just for a couple that loves to cook. It can even work well for those that live alone and want a way to make some fast meals. It is also great for slow cooking certain dishes.

The Oster SH12 12-Inch Skillet with Hinged Lid can help you to create extra space to cook with when you are having a dinner party or just need more space. Sometimes it is difficult to cook the meals you want because you do not have enough pans or items to cook with and adding a skillet can help, especially with some of the smaller tasks or for browning garlic, onions, peppers, or anything else that you plan to add to another dish.

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When you choose to own the Oster SH12 12-Inch Skillet with Hinged Lid you will have the perfect skillet for travel as well. It is very portable, which makes is great for tailgating, camping, pot lucks, and many other things that do not happen in your home. You can use it for so many dishes that you will find even more uses for it as well.

Let’s take a look at all the features of this Electric Skillet:

  • Removable hinged lid
  • Energy-efficient and cooks food quickly
  • High Domed glass lid that opens for serving right out of the skillet
  • Non-stick coating of both the interior and exterior of the skillet
  • Cool touch handles

When your kitchen gets busy and you run out of space you will be wanting to turn to a Oster SH12 12-Inch Skillet with Hinged Lid so that you can continue cooking and keep things going the way you need them to go. Plus this will make the clean up process so much easier than normal that talking your children into cleaning up will be much easier.

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Lorna J. Loomis “Canadian Dog Fancier” (Ottawa, Ontario Canada)

“I bought this pan for my elderly Mother who for reasons related to her personal health and safety, can no longer use the oven. She had used her former electric skillet for over 30 years and it really needed replacing. She is delighted with this pan and finds she can prepare steaks, chops, bacon and eggs and French toast all with equal ease. The cooking is even and the temperature is “true”. The non-stick interior is an added bonus and an improvement over her former electric skillet which is no longer manufactured.”

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