Oster 3001 12-Inch Electric Frying Pan

Oster 3001 12-Inch Electric Frying Pan

Oster 3001 12-Inch Electric Frying Pan

The kitchen is a place of peace for those that love to cook and if you have the right tools to do the job, then you can cook up a storm and get the praise you deserve for your dishes. One of the tools you must have in your kitchen is an electric frying pan and specifically the Oster 3001 12-Inch Electric Frying Pan.

This is one of the better nonstick frying pans out there and it will help you to diversify your kitchen. Sometimes you run out of cooking surfaces and you have to keep a dish in the oven to keep it warm so that you can use your cooking space. This can ruin the dish and the Oster 3001 12-Inch Electric Frying Pan will give you another surface to cook upon, which can make your choices much larger.

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The actual cooking surface of the Oster 3001 12-Inch Electric Frying Pan lifts up and allows you to drain the excess grease so that you can have a healthier meal with much more flavor. Plus a good cook knows how to use that excess grease to cook other dishes and incorporate the flavor right into it. This item also allows you to monitor your dish much easier because of the glass lid.

Let’s take a look at all the features of this Electric Frying Pan:

  • Lift the Skillet and Drain the grease very easily
  • High Domed tempered glass for easy monitoring
  • Can handle a larger volume
  • Easy clean up with dishwasher safe surfaces
  • Adjustable temperature control

This is a very convenient tool that you can use in your kitchen to make things much easier. It can make your life in the kitchen much more manageable and make it easy to cook fast meals as well. The Oster 3001 12-Inch Electric Frying Pan is perfect to save space, use for a potluck, and also for just the everyday family that needs extra cooking surfaces.

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C. MacGowan “The Esc Macs” (Escondido, Ca)

“This is our second Oster 12 inch Glass Lid Electric Skillet 3001. The first one still works beautifully and we love it so much that we are ordering another. We use it for practically everything you can imagine cooking in a skillet. We poach salmon, fry bacon, make potroast etc. etc. etc.”

“We love the tip feature it is great for basting eggs, the glass lid so you can keep an eye on things, the even cooking throughout the pan, the max temperature gives you searing capability, you can wipe the pan clean between cooking individual items (for example, cook your bacon, remove, cook your potatotes, remove and wipe the pan with a paper towel then cook your eggs), you can also cook burritoes to a golden brown by (thawing them and cooking them 15 mins on each side on high simmer) and both the simmer and warm are exactly what you get, all of this in one pan and for our family we will have 2 of these fabulous skillets. Thanks Oster-Catherine and family”

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