Hamilton Beach 38540 16-inch Step Up Skillet

Hamilton Beach 38540 16-inch Step Up Skillet

Hamilton Beach 38540 16-inch Step Up Skillet

Owning a countertop skillet is great if you love to cook and want a tool that will help you cook some amazing dishes. The Hamilton Beach 38540 16-inch Step Up Skillet is perfect for cooking things like casseroles, stir fries, any type of meat, and many other things. Pretty much anything you could have put in the oven can be cooked and monitored easier with a countertop skillet.

The Hamilton Beach 38540 16-inch Step Up Skillet is an upscale model with a very nice glass lid. It also has a built-spout that is perfect for pouring out broth, grease, or anything else that can be poured out of the dish. This is not one of the appliances that is made cheaply. The metal feet are made for quality and they will hold up for many years.

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This specific skillet is very easy to clesn due to the non-stick surface and the fact that it is able to be put right into the dish washer. The Hamilton Beach 38540 16-inch Step Up Skillet will make it much easier for you to hold a dinner party with multiple dishes. It also makes it really easy for you to take a dish with you to a pot luck and keep it hot or heat it up very quickly.

Let’s take a look at all the features of this Step Up Skillet:

  • Complete Metal Construction
  • Built-in pour-spout
  • Lid clips
  • Fully immersible
  • Glass Lid
  • Nonstick surface

Getting a new skillet is a great decision to make and you want to make sure you get the skillet that is right for you. The Hamilton Beach 38540 16-inch Step Up Skillet is a great addition to any kitchen and will help you make many dishes you cannot make without a countertop skillet.

Read Customer Reviews

“This is definitely a step up in terms of appearance when compared to most skillets in this price range. Performance: the unit heats incredibly fast and evenly. The clip top lid is wonderful, because the edge of the pan has a built-in spout so you can pour of broth, liquid, grease, etc. Just try and do that with an ordinary skillet that doesn’t have a locking lid, and doesn’t have a pour spout. Temperature control is excellent. The thick rubber feet, and sturdy cast metal frame hold the unit beautifully firmly.”

“1) The built-in drain on the skillet allow air/steam out of the skillet. I thought that would mean heat and moisture would escape quickly, and this would likely not be ideal for certain cooking styles – I was wrong. I’ve used this baby a ton, and the little corner spot allows excess heat, but in no way shape or form affects cooking, steaming, boiling, or any style of frying whatever. For me this really didn’t matter, because I would only pan fry, fry burger, fry steak, fry eggs, fry bacon, fry pork, fry fry fry and saute. Any type of pan style cooking is performed with ease within the Ham-Beaches coffers.”

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